Scientific Contributions 10th International Masonry Conference (10thIMC) | Milan 9-11 July 2018 | Abstract submissin guidelines
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The Organizers of the 10th International Masonry Conference (10th IMC) are committed to ensuring the highest quality of the Conference proceedings.

Authors should assure the originality of their contributions, while providing the necessary citation/quotation, when including phrases or parts of the work of others in their papers. Plagiarism constitutes unethical academic behavior and is not accepted in any of its forms. The authors should be aware that their papers may be subject to plagiarism detection system during the review process.

Striving for the academic excellence of the 10th IMC Proceedings, the papers submitted are peer reviewed to make sure that the content fulfills the academic standards. The submissions are also evaluated on the basis of proper use of terms and the quality of writing.


Organizers invite to submit contributions for the 10th International Masonry.


The deadline for abstract submissions is June 30, 2017 July 15, 2017.

The authors of the abstracts selected to proceed with Full Paper submission will be notified in early november 2017.

Full Paper submission deadline is January 31,  2018 February 28, 2018.


Contribution topics list

  • Innovation and sustainability of masonry
  • New construction techniques/technologies
  • Architecture with masonry
  • Prefabrication of masonry
  • Analysis of masonry structures
  • Material modelling and testing
  • New developments in design/verification
  • Earthquake resistance and retrofitting
  • Reliability and performance
  • Masonry and building physics
  • Codes and standards
  • Fire resistance
  • Training and education in masonry
  • Conservation of historic buildings
  • Earthen construction
  • Repair and strengthening
  • Case studies


In order to submit your contribution, please create a user account and pre-register to the Conference HERE.

When completed the pre-registeration process, you will be allowed to upload your contribution; Entering your PERSONAL AREA you will be able to manage your uploads.


PLEASE NOTE: For each accepted paper, a registration fee is required (please read Full Paper Submission below for further instructions). Registration deadline for Corresponding Authors is: April 30th, 2018.


The Conference proceedings will be indexed in Scopus.


Furthermore, the authors should be aware that conference adopt a no-show policy: an accepted paper that is not presented by one of the authors will be withdrawn by the Conference program and cannot be consequentially included in the proceedings.


Deadline for submission of abstracts: June 30, 2017 July 15, 2017


Abstracts must be written in English. They should contain sufficient detail to convey clearly the approach and the results of research. The Technical Organizing Committee will review the submitted abstracts to ensure the novelty, quality, relevance and clarity of the accepted papers and to group presentations into cohesive oral and poster sessions.


You can download a template for the abstract HERE.

Notification of acceptance: September 30, 2017 October 30, 2017.


Deadline for Full Paper submission is: December 31, 2017    January 31st 2018 February 28.

Please download Scopus format template HERE.


Full paper guidelines :

In early november 2017 all the authors of the abstracts that have been selected to proceed to Full Paper submission will be notified by an email outlining Full Paper guidelines as follows:

A paid registration of at least one Author is required to allow a paper to be included in the Conference Proceedings.

Corresponding Authors must proceed to Full Paper submission by January 31 February 28th 2018 according to these instructions:


A) If you have submitted 1 abstract:

Login to your profile created for the Conference at:…

Click on the grey button “Upload Full Paper”

Upload Full Paper

In the “Notes” box quote the exact reference number XXX of the abstract the Full Paper refers to (important warning: Full Papers that fail to indicate the number of their matching abstract WILL BE DISCARDED)


B) If you have submitted more than 1 abstract:

Follow procedure A) for the Paper you will be presenting as Corresponding Author. For the other abstracts, a change in the Corresponding Author is needed.

A Corresponding Author of any additional paper must be a co-author of the abstract you have submitted, hence you have to communicate him/her the reference number: XXX

They will then


C) If you have submitted more than 1 abstract, but you are unable/unwilling to appoint a different Corresponding Author as in point B), you will figure as Corresponding Author for multiple papers:

Get in touch with the Organizing Secretariat at clearly stating the abstract numbers for which you serve as Corresponding Author.

Note that each paper submission corresponds to one Registration fee, hence should you be covering two papers, you will be charged with two registration fees.