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Description of the Problem:

A dry joint shear wall will be tested on a tilting plane.

Its overall dimensions and geometric properties/constraints are the following, see Fig. 1:

  • length L equal to 8 bricks (each one with length Lb);
  • height H equal to 27 Hb;
  • perforation percentage p% (intended as the ratio between the area of openings and LxH) must be >= 30%;
  • top row of bricks must be continuous;
  • right and left vertical edges must be without perforations;
  • One special lintel (3 bricks long) is at disposal to the Teams.

Two possible shear walls fulfilling the requirements are shown in Fig. 2.



  • Teams can use the amount of bricks they desire;
  • The arrangement of the bricks is free, but only stack bond, header bond and running bond (or a composition of them) is admitted as texture;
  • Half bricks are also at disposal to arrange the wall in running bond, without any limitation.


How to apply:

  • A Team interested in the competition should send an e-mail as soon as possible to with the intention to participate and with a possible composition of the Team, affiliation and tutor name.
  • A Team must be constituted by MSc or PhD students of the same University, coordinated by a Researcher/Professor of the same University.
  • One University can candidate more than one Team.
  • A precise graphical description of the shear wall (with exact disposition of the bricks) should be submitted to no later than 1 June 2018.
  • If the assemblage scheme (a detailed sketch as in Fig. 2) will be provided to the organisers no later than two weeks before the deadline, the organisers will communicate not later than one week before the deadline to the Team if the assemblage is admissible or not according to the established rules (and if not the reason why).
  • Teams must submit exclusively a pdf/doc/jpg/tiff/word/dxf/dwg with the precise scheme of the wall, with the exact disposition of the bricks (similar to sketches in Fig. 2). Walls will be assembled and tested by IMC organisers with their own materials.


Who wins:

  • Shear walls will be tested on a tilting plane one by one by the organisers. Three replicates will be tested and the final result obtained by the Team will be the average inclination angle at collapse of the tilting plane.
  • The winner is the Team whose shear wall reaches at collapse the larger inclination angle q of the tilting plane, Fig. 1.



  • Competition will take place only in presence of at least 5 Teams applying.

1st place: 500 Euros

2nd place: 350 Euros

3rd place: 150 Euros

Click on the images below to uncover final ranking of the 10th International Masonry Conference STUDENT COMPETITION

Tests run for the 10th International Masonry Conference


Team 1:   University of Newcastle (Australia)

Team 2:  University of Leeds (UK)

Team 3:  University of Lyon (France)

Team 4:  University of Pavia (Italy)

Team 5:   KU Leuven (Belgium)

Team 6:  University of Granada (Spain)

Team 7:  Yildiz Technical University (Turkey)

Team 8:  TU Munich (Germany)