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IMC 10th IMC International Masonry Conference 10th Edition Politecnico di Milano International Masonry Society IMS 10IMC
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The first International Masonry Conference was organized by the British Masonry Society and held in November 1986 in London in order to exchange experiences, meaning and needs of masonry and its constituents in the UK, Europe and the whole world.

This Conference series, now organized by the International Masonry Society, has become one of the most important international events in the masonry world and it takes place every four years. Most historic buildings are built of masonry, a material as old as the Civilization and with a 1o,ooo years record of success and lasting qualities.

The future is limited only by the designer, constructor or industry inability to consider a masonry perspective on a building challenge. The conference is open to professional architects and engineers, building officials, educators, researchers, students, masonry industry and masonry construction professionals, and everyone else interested in the art and science of masonry.

The objective is to make the conference the best forum for dissemination of the latest scientific and technical developments and for exchange of new ideas in emerging topics.

Certificate of attendance and official ECTS will be released to participants.


The main topics of the conference include:

  • Innovation and sustainability of masonry
  • New construction techniques/technologies
  • Architecture with masonry
  • Prefabrication of masonry
  • Analysis of masonry structures
  • Material modelling and testing
  • New developments in design/verification
  • Earthquake resistance and retrofitting
  • Reliability and performance
  • Masonry and building physics
  • Codes and standards
  • Fire resistance
  • Training and education in masonry
  • Conservation of historic buildings
  • Earthen construction
  • Repair and strengthening
  • Case studies